Drakthar's Way

Orlitt, the bard/vampire hunter, joins the group to investigate the possible lair of Drakthar, a vampire wanted for several deaths/spawn in Sasserine. Orlitt had been observing a cave entrance in a wooded area on the base of the volcano crater. He saw goblins assisting armored half orcs with halberds in unloading wooden crates from a wagon on the road, and carrying them through the woods into the cave. The group investigates the cave system and dispatches a tribe of goblin-song-singing, vampire-worshipping goblins and their pet shocker lizards. After escaping one encounter, Drakthar is finally destroyed and his coffin area desecrated. The group teleports to Sasserine to claim their prize- a huge fire opal worth 10,000 gp.

Some non-goblins are also encountered in the complex- a tiefling fighter, a dwarf and a human sorcerer. The group learns that they are working for the Blue Duke, an ogre mage warlord who has a sizable private army of half-orcs and evil adventurers. Using information gained from the captives, the group plots an ambush of the Blue Duke when he returns to the cave entrance with a few half-orcs. The group teams with another group of adventurers- the Stormblades- for the ambush. The Blue Duke manages to escape the fight (invisibility and flying), but leaves behind the contents of the wagon he was in. The crates contain strange metallic ribs covered with etchings. Further research reveals that the etchings are related to one of the outer planes- the Tarterian Depths of Carceri.



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