Flood Season

Like any good volcano town with a lake, Cauldron has flooding problem when it rains. The flood season festival was started around an annual ritual whereby the temples of Cauldron collaborate to fight back the rising lake waters with wands of water control. After participating in some of the fun and games of the flood festival, the group is sent to the Lucky Monkey by Jenya. The high priest of St. Cuthbert has been killed and the wands of water control he was carrying stolen. A huge fight with Alleybashers, hillfolk and baboons ensues, during which the Luck Monkey is practically burned to the ground.

No wands are recovered at the Luck Monkey, but careful investigation and interrogation back in Cauldron reveals the location of a lava tube entrance to the hideout of the cult behind the attack. The Ebon Triad, especially the halfing wizard Skaven Umbermead, put up a strong resistance, but are eventually dispatched. All the wands are recovered and the slums of Cauldron are saved one again. The notes of Skaven provide valuable clues to some of the history of the region and the plans of key organizations of evil.



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