Life's Bazaar

Mort, Grumberry, Glint, Jolene and Utilitus meet in Cauldron when they find themselves responding to an attack on a cleric of St. Cuthbert by thugs associated with the Last Laugh thieves guild. After rescuing Rufus, the group is introduced to Jenya at the church of St. Cuthbert. Jenya asks the group for help in solving the mysterious disapperance of three orphans. The investigations lead to Ghelve, a gnome lock smith with master keys to many buildings in Cauldron. The group learns that Ghelve’s familar is being held hostage by some unpleasant skulks and dark creepers in the abandoned city of Jzardirune, and that these creatures are responsible for the kidnappings. The group defeats numerous evil monsters, deadly traps and vicious secret doors in Jzardirune. They discover a platform leading from Jzardirune to the Malachite Fortress, a former dwarven settlement used to defend Cauldron from Underdark invaders. Within the Malachite Fortress the group defeats the slavers responsible for the kidnappings- the half-troll Kazomojen and his hobgoblin minions. On their way out of the complex with the children, the group is confronted by a beholder. The beholder demands one of the children and offers payment. The boy is latter found unharmed back at the orphanage. The group studies the boy and finds an invisible tattoo on his face- an eye pierced by an arrow.

Following Ghelve’s imprisonment, the group purchases the lock shop from the city as a base of operations.



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