Zenith Trajectory

The group is contacted by Meerthan of the Striders of Fharlanghn with intercepted intelligence on the location of the Blue Duke. The Blue Duke has been sent by his master to recover a dwarf (Zenith Splintershield) from the underdark. The group begins an overland trek to the appropriate underdark entrance. Along the way they meet Crazy Jared and defeat Gottrod, a young red dragon. The Blue Duke is slain once and for all and falls into the Pit of the Seven Jaws with the final blow from Mort.

The group explores a vast shrine to Blibdoolpoolp called Bhal-Hamatugn in search of Zenith. In addition to hordes of slippery kuo-toa, the guardians of the shrine include a black dragon and a powerful erinyes archer. It turns out that Zenith is utterly insane and is worshipped by the Koa toa. Zenith is a key ancestor of Grumberry’s disgraced clan. Meerthan rewards Grumberry for recovering Zenith and teleports Zenith to a headquarters of the Striders to determine if his mind can be repaired.



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