Zenith Trajectory

The group is contacted by Meerthan of the Striders of Fharlanghn with intercepted intelligence on the location of the Blue Duke. The Blue Duke has been sent by his master to recover a dwarf (Zenith Splintershield) from the underdark. The group begins an overland trek to the appropriate underdark entrance. Along the way they meet Crazy Jared and defeat Gottrod, a young red dragon. The Blue Duke is slain once and for all and falls into the Pit of the Seven Jaws with the final blow from Mort.

The group explores a vast shrine to Blibdoolpoolp called Bhal-Hamatugn in search of Zenith. In addition to hordes of slippery kuo-toa, the guardians of the shrine include a black dragon and a powerful erinyes archer. It turns out that Zenith is utterly insane and is worshipped by the Koa toa. Zenith is a key ancestor of Grumberry’s disgraced clan. Meerthan rewards Grumberry for recovering Zenith and teleports Zenith to a headquarters of the Striders to determine if his mind can be repaired.

Flood Season

Like any good volcano town with a lake, Cauldron has flooding problem when it rains. The flood season festival was started around an annual ritual whereby the temples of Cauldron collaborate to fight back the rising lake waters with wands of water control. After participating in some of the fun and games of the flood festival, the group is sent to the Lucky Monkey by Jenya. The high priest of St. Cuthbert has been killed and the wands of water control he was carrying stolen. A huge fight with Alleybashers, hillfolk and baboons ensues, during which the Luck Monkey is practically burned to the ground.

No wands are recovered at the Luck Monkey, but careful investigation and interrogation back in Cauldron reveals the location of a lava tube entrance to the hideout of the cult behind the attack. The Ebon Triad, especially the halfing wizard Skaven Umbermead, put up a strong resistance, but are eventually dispatched. All the wands are recovered and the slums of Cauldron are saved one again. The notes of Skaven provide valuable clues to some of the history of the region and the plans of key organizations of evil.

Demonskar Ball

The success of group leads to attention from the nobility of Cauldron and an invitation to the social event of the year—the Demonskar Ball held at the start of the Flood Season festival. Much dancing, music, etiquette testing, feasting, riddles and costume-wearing ensues. Utilitus is charmed by Embril, high priestess of Wee Jas. The evening concludes with Glint (dressed as the demon lord Nabthatoron) dancing the best a dwarf can hope to in the Demonskar Dance, a reenactment of the battle between Nabthatoron and Surabar Spellmason.

Drakthar's Way

Orlitt, the bard/vampire hunter, joins the group to investigate the possible lair of Drakthar, a vampire wanted for several deaths/spawn in Sasserine. Orlitt had been observing a cave entrance in a wooded area on the base of the volcano crater. He saw goblins assisting armored half orcs with halberds in unloading wooden crates from a wagon on the road, and carrying them through the woods into the cave. The group investigates the cave system and dispatches a tribe of goblin-song-singing, vampire-worshipping goblins and their pet shocker lizards. After escaping one encounter, Drakthar is finally destroyed and his coffin area desecrated. The group teleports to Sasserine to claim their prize- a huge fire opal worth 10,000 gp.

Some non-goblins are also encountered in the complex- a tiefling fighter, a dwarf and a human sorcerer. The group learns that they are working for the Blue Duke, an ogre mage warlord who has a sizable private army of half-orcs and evil adventurers. Using information gained from the captives, the group plots an ambush of the Blue Duke when he returns to the cave entrance with a few half-orcs. The group teams with another group of adventurers- the Stormblades- for the ambush. The Blue Duke manages to escape the fight (invisibility and flying), but leaves behind the contents of the wagon he was in. The crates contain strange metallic ribs covered with etchings. Further research reveals that the etchings are related to one of the outer planes- the Tarterian Depths of Carceri.

Life's Bazaar

Mort, Grumberry, Glint, Jolene and Utilitus meet in Cauldron when they find themselves responding to an attack on a cleric of St. Cuthbert by thugs associated with the Last Laugh thieves guild. After rescuing Rufus, the group is introduced to Jenya at the church of St. Cuthbert. Jenya asks the group for help in solving the mysterious disapperance of three orphans. The investigations lead to Ghelve, a gnome lock smith with master keys to many buildings in Cauldron. The group learns that Ghelve’s familar is being held hostage by some unpleasant skulks and dark creepers in the abandoned city of Jzardirune, and that these creatures are responsible for the kidnappings. The group defeats numerous evil monsters, deadly traps and vicious secret doors in Jzardirune. They discover a platform leading from Jzardirune to the Malachite Fortress, a former dwarven settlement used to defend Cauldron from Underdark invaders. Within the Malachite Fortress the group defeats the slavers responsible for the kidnappings- the half-troll Kazomojen and his hobgoblin minions. On their way out of the complex with the children, the group is confronted by a beholder. The beholder demands one of the children and offers payment. The boy is latter found unharmed back at the orphanage. The group studies the boy and finds an invisible tattoo on his face- an eye pierced by an arrow.

Following Ghelve’s imprisonment, the group purchases the lock shop from the city as a base of operations.


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